Way to go, Graduate – you’ve finally reached that long-awaited goal and you’re ready to move on to bigger and better things! Exciting things like working for that demanding, money grubbing, double S… OB (that’s “boss” backwards, you know) at your new job. Just kidding, though whatever you decide, one thing’s for sure – real life is about to throw you a curveball. This means you’ll either have to: (1) get a legitimate job that actually pays real money, (2) go back for more school, or (3) move into your parents’ basement and play video games from noon till 3 am everyday with your online pals “Maverick” and “Iceman”. Or who knows, maybe you’ll take Dave’s lead and strike out on your own.

Before you jump headlong onto that squirrel cage of life, why not start off by first making the trip of a lifetime? Maybe you’ve done something to help out a particular group of people and you’d love to see the difference your efforts have made. Maybe there’s someone whom you admire that you would love to meet face-to-face. Or maybe it’s just your intrepid spirit screaming “there’s too much to experience out there to just be sitting around in my parents’ basement!”. Whatever it is, we want to give you a running start and celebrate your self-determination by giving you the chance to become a “Road Scholar.”


One Winner, Many Prizes

*may or may not include super-secret, and otherwise awesome travel tips from Dave depending on location


GradInstuct2 (1)



Some Rules

  • You must be Bachelors level or higher graduate of Spring 2015 through Fall 2016
  • The deadline is midnight Texas Time on April 30th, 2015 – we’ll announce a winner the next day
  • Our favorite entry will win. That could depend on your creativity – give us a reason you should be picked!
  • Just one entry per person, please
  • No cheating
  • We can disqualify anyone we want for any reason
  • Color selection for prizes based on availability
  • General list of contest rules are on our Contact Us page


Non-Graduates: If you’re looking for a gift for your graduate, check out some of our hand-picked gifts.