This is a saying of goodbye to a friend of 16 years.  A friend that has been a loyal & loving one through many good times and bad.  I remember finding him abandoned in a garage I was working in; no bigger than the palm of ones hand.  Figuring he still needed mother’s milk, I went through many cans of evaporated milk & egg yolks to nurse him back to health; to which he has always been by my side ever since. Always following me to every room I went during the day, purring at the foot of the bed (or recliner) at night, and the first to greet you at the door after a long day at work were many of his duties of which he accepted gladly.  He was there to make a great day even better (minus eating a prized bonsai, mind you; all is forgiven, though), and to make the trying times feel a bit more comforting, as well.  A better sidekick I couldn’t ask for. As with most things, nothing lasts on this earth forever, and kidney failure plagued him for his later life.  His last few moments were spent sitting in the recliner, watching a roaring fireplace with his best friend. Goodbye, Vito.  You were most certainly a loved and cherished companion.  Thank you for the many wonderful memories I was able to experience with you, old friend.

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