Elsie May

  Elsie May came to me by way of my ex-wife who was a thief and liar who was busily trying to rob me blind and steal my teenaged daughters …


Turk Jr.

  Dear Turk Jr., I want you to know how important you were to me over the years. I can remember the exact day we met. The little lab puppy …



  Words can’t describe how wonderful a family member my buddy Jake was.  From the time we got him in Liege Belgium we instantly fell in love with him.  He …


Diesel aka”Big D”

  Diesel was the runt and the last one left at the breeder.  He was full of attitude and was the smartest dog I ever had.  He was my best …


“Justice” Garcia

  Our little girl Justice.  Your mom and dad loved you so much.  You brought so much happiness during the most challenging years of our lives, school, and careers.  We …



  Mocha- Thank you for being a long-time friend and family member for 10 years. You will always remain a huge part of our family. Love you Girl!!! Proverbs 18:24



  Dozer was in my life for almost 12 years.  He was tough but loving, my best friend.  I was devastated when you finally passed after fighting heart disease for …


Rosie Gerber

    Lynn and I are Heartbroken. I just couldn’t bring myself to post this on the day it happened. We have been married 20 years and since that time …



  Beneath a brilliant canopy of evergreen and autumn aspen, I laid our little dog Honey to rest yesterday. Her resting place has always been sacred to me, a secluded …



  Blue was an Aussie that loved to play frisbee, and feared nothing. When I got him, he was five weeks old, and I could hold him in one hand. …