Mr Boo



Mr Boo was the light of my life.  I thought that as time went on I wouldn’t feel as much how my life had become dimmer without him, but that still hasn’t happened.  I can’t explain how much love this little guy gave me out of that tiny kitty heart.  He would roll over and show me his tummy on command, yell at me when I wasn’t coming to snuggle on the couch with him and never did anything wrong.  He was a handsome, polite gentlemen and was so loved that when I finally had to let him go despite heroic efforts, there were five friends who came immediately, from all over the city to be at his side; singing “You Are My Sunshine”,  giving him massages and trying to make him comfortable and less scared.  In the end, he was peaceful and just lay in my arms.  There’s not a day when I don’t miss him.  He taught me that even a little kitty can make such a difference, there’s no reason I can’t make one too.  I love you, Boo.

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