In March 2004 I started a new job at a local trucking company. I was one of two Network Administrators who did everything a computer nerd would do but I also had a very close and personal relationship with many of the staff.  One lady in particular was someone who at the time I had no idea would change my life. Over the next several months we would talk about this and that and one day we started talking about Great Danes. She currently had a female who was growing in age and told me she knew of a couple who’s female was having puppies in July.  Well, my mind started racing and the wheels started turning.  I remember coming home after work one day and telling Mindy, My Girlfriend at the time who later became my wife that I was thinking about looking at this Great Dane Puppy.  Much to my dismay, she agreed and we took the short drive to Sand Springs. (Oklahoma) to look at these Great Dane Puppies or at least what was left of the litter. So we looked into this box and Saw 3 Puppies. We Spotted Maximus Immediatly. He was the Biggest Puppy in the Box and we just knew right then we wanted him. My Wife had asked the price and they agreed to sell us Maximus. We purchased him, brought him home and Loved him with all our hearts till the day he died.  We still love him now as much or more than we did then.  Maximus is Gone but he’s not Gone! He will never leave our side EVER!!!!  God blessed us with the Best Dog in the world. And we were lucky to have him. Maximus was an inside Dog. When we first got him at 8 weeks old he had a few fleas on him. I remember getting rid of those fleas and he never had another flea on him the rest of his life   <3 Maximus passed away on Sunday morning, February 16th 2014. He was surrounded by the two people who loved him the most. He was with his human Mom and Dad until his very last breath. He was a wonderful Dog if you want to call him that. Maximus wasn’t just a Dog. Some people don’t understand the bond you have with your Canine companion. If you are at this site you understand!!! Maximus was a very caring, patient, loving, protective, jealous and mischeveous Great Dane. We loved him more than life itself.  We will forever miss you Maximus. You will never be replaced. Simply because no Dog could replace you. And we wouldn’t even want to try. We Love you so, so, much. You are home with us now where we can watch over you and you over us. You were a great protector and an Awesome Watch Dog…. I know you are in a better place Maximus….. I’ll see you again my friend!!!!!!

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