Elsie May



Elsie May came to me by way of my ex-wife who was a thief and liar who was busily trying to rob me blind and steal my teenaged daughters life savings.  She got the dog, after I told her, “no dogs,” just to drive a wedge between my daughter and I so that I would not discover that she was stealing money. Three months later, I threw the, now, ex-“wife” out on her butt and kept the dog.   Best trade I ever made! I named her “Elsie” because she had big brown cow like eyes and looked like an “elsie” to me.  My mother said, “Elsie may behave, or she may not, we never know what she is going to do!”   and she became Elsie May.  She stayed with me but got dropped off, each morning with my elderly mother, I never truly knew who was “watching ” whom.  Elsie and I went on many adventures together, hiking, canoeing and camping.  She came to me later in her life.  The only background I had was that she had been found abandoned and was pretty sick.  I nursed her back to health, and she nursed me through some hard times. My mother died in August of 2013 and Elsie May died on Christmas eve.  I’ve seen or been with many people as they died but that dog really got to me.  Miss ya Elsie!

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