When I was age 10, I was working at a gas station pumping gas during the summer. I was filling up one elderly ladies car and heard meows coming from the inside of her car. In the back seat we found a litter of new born kittens. The lady allow me to make my choice to keep one of the kittens and I chose a tiny chocolate colored one. I took it home and fed it milk with one of my sisters doll “baby bottles” until the kitten was able to eat solid food. I named my cat “Charlie”.  My cat and I were very close pals. I remember on particular day when my brother and I were playing in the front yard and Charlie was there with us. My brother had a friend at school that always bullied me and called me names. He enjoyed making me miserable and I was scared of him. My brother always picked on me as well and would never come to my rescue like most older brothers should.  On the day we played in the yard this friend of my brothers had ridden his bicycle all the way across town to visit my brother. As the boy rode his bicycle up in the yard my cat Charlie bowed up running sideways toward the boy and started to growl at the boy who had stopped in his tracks. The boy’s eyes got big as silver dollars and as Charlie growled and hissed the boy backed up into the street with his bike. My brother invited his friend to play football with us but the boy voiced “No way, I aint coming in your yard” The boy was petrified of my cat Charlie. I was surprised at how scared the boy was and on the other hand was so proud that my cat was there to defend. Without another word the boy turned around and off he rode on his bike. I will never forget that story or my cat Charlie.  I’ve heard of an attack dog…..but attack cat? It was so neat to see that perpetual bully literally turn into a “scaredy cat”

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