Other ways to use the Tool Bag and Dopp Kit

Saddleback Leather Waxed Canvas Tool Bag
The Saddleback Leather Waxed Canvas Tool Bag

Often Dave comes up with bag ideas that are really versatile, but we have to name them something. I think two of our new Mountainback items fit that category to a “T”. The Mountainback Tool Bag and the Dopp Kit are the essence of versatility, while they will definitely function well for their named purposes, I’m going to give you a list of other uses for them to help you see how useful they can be!

Cosmetics Bag – You don’t have to be a girly girl to need a carrier for your basics.  The Dopp Kit would be a great option for the essentials.

Stylists Bag – Do you cut hair, style hair, need to carry small bits and pieces?  Both bags will get the job done.

Emergency bag for the Car (plus waxed canvas will serve as a great fire starter in an emergency)

Art Supplies Bag – The benefit here is that waxed canvas is pretty durable and easy to care for.  Spill paint in the bottom?  No worries, just wipe it up and give it a light clean.

The Saddleback Leather Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit

Lunch Tote – no one will want to steal the lunch pail of someone who totes their lunch in a waxed canvas and leather bag.  I’d be scared they’d be the type of person to follow up on the threat – “Don’t touch my lunch or else!”

Camping Gear Organizer – The rough canvas bags would be great for tent accessories, cooking utensils, fire accessories and the perfect place to store your retractable s’mores sticks.

Office supply organizer for briefcase or backpack – everyone needs to organize your pens, pencils and do-dads in your backpack or briefcase.  The dopp kit would be a great fit.

GI Joe Tote – What 5 year old boy wouldn’t love a carrier as rugged as his camouflage covered toys?  The plus side, the carrier will be able to stand up to the rough housing of a boy and turn into a valued accessory for the man he turns into.  Not to mention a cherished memory of his childhood and you.

first aid kit
Photo from survivallife.com. To learn more about what you should include in a first aid kit read their article here.

First Aid Bag– Forget the plastic containers most first aid supplies arrive in – carry around your gear in style.  Plus waxed canvas serves as a great fire starter in a real emergency.

Electronics carrier – Wires and cords and chargers, oh my!  We all need something to organize our electronic accessories in.  This could be your go to bag for that.

Ammo carrier – going hunting?  Pack your ammo in a bag as tough as you are.

Game pieces or Card carrier – I’ve seen few people that really have their small game accessories organized.  Usually finding more than one deck of cards can be tough.  Use a tool bag to keep your cards, dice and other gaming items all in one place.

Harmonica gear bag – Have a harmonica or other small musical instruments?  This can keep all your gear together in style.

Manly Diaper carrier – You’ve got the baby for an errand and should probably take a diaper wipes and a change of clothes, right?  Through them in your dopp kit and be on your way.

Prescription drug or Diabetes supply kit – Modern medicine is a blessing but it’s never enjoyable.  Add a silver lining by using a toolbag to carry around your prescriptions and supplies.

Beach/pool supply carrier – If you have a few items you want to protect at the beach, throw them in a tool bag and you’ll protect them from getting water and sand all of over them.

Whew – that’s a list, and I’m sure there are more.  What other ideas do you have for using the Saddleback Waxed Canvas Tool Bag and Dopp Kit?

And check out these videos of the Tool Bag and the Dopp Kit: