Unbelievable Encounter


by Caroline Bengali (Customer Service)

I went to the mall this past weekend, for the first time in years.  I went because I had to, the mall is not my favorite shopping stomping ground.

There were so many people walking around, and now with Pokemon Go, everyone is bumping into each other even more :).  I decided since I had to be here, may as well try and not hate it.

I got a honeydew Bubble tea, (if you’ve never had one, you’re either going to love it or be completely freaked out by the tapioca balls) and sat on an empty bench to wait for my husband.

I feel this push from the side and think it’s just Richard being funny, then I realize some guy is running down the mall with my purse!  I yell for him to stop then realize why would he so I yell for someone to stop him.  I have on my Nike’s and the sugar from the Bubble tea has kicked in.  So, I run after him.  If he has a gun I will deal with that scenario later, or maybe just not get too close.  Now I know this is not a great idea and that somewhere there is a security guard or 2 but at the moment I can’t seem to find any.  Following this guy, who is now walking quickly because I’ve stopped yelling, is my best option, I can point and nod once I find a security guard. The mission is to not lose him.

My phone beeps and it’s a text from Richard asking where I am, I text him back fully hoping auto correct will not fail me because I cannot walk, stalk, spy and text at the same time.

I still have the guy in my line of sight.  Why isn’t he going to an exit? He is literally stopping to look in the Hallmark store.  Why? Is he planning on sending me a ‘sorry I stole your purse’ card? He totally could since he has my wallet and my address.  Ugh.

I decide it’s now or never.  I see a security guard and make the hand gestures to indicate that that man took my purse.  He raises his shoulders.  I try again, he gets it, I think.  But purse robber man sees him and takes off, my gazelle like instincts and my turtle like legs make me spring into another run to get my purse.  I know he is now going to leave the mall.  Behind me I see the security guard talking into his radio but he’s not running!  I end up running into the back of purse snatcher man and knock both of us down on the ground.  He starts yelling that what am I doing and crazy lady (he used another word that rhymes with itch) and he’s trying to crawl away but I manage to pull his leg…. Like I’m pulling yours.  :)