Two Unbreakable Laws

I spent a lot of my high school and college years underwater.  And the way I got there was by jumping into it from really high cliffs and bridges.  So, I feel like I have authority to speak about this unbreakable law with confidence.

Here you go. If you jump off something, then you’ll go downwards every single time.  It’s called gravity. You can’t avoid it or get around it. Okay, so then here’s another unbreakable law that’s just as true as gravity and you can’t avoid it.  God has established this law just like he did gravity. The cool thing about this unbreakable law is that you have some say in it. It can either really suck or be really great.

leather shoes jumping

They call it different things around the world. Some call it Karma. Other folks call it the “What comes around goes around” rule. God puts it this way, “What you sew you’re gonna reap”. And, since it’s as sure as the tide, live your life in such a way to use this unbreakable law to your own advantage.

But what about those drug dealers who have all the yachts and the cars and the women and the mansions? What about the guy who throws out harmless little lies all the time or the friend who steals cows or the sister who condones theft by buying stolen physical and intellectual property (stereos, knocked off bags etc.) on eBay? How about that jerk parent who beats his wife and kids (offense intended to you abusers out there)?  “It’s been happening for a long time and they seem pretty happy. I don’t see them paying for being such an asphalt hole”.

This unbreakable law can be really cool or really a drag and it doesn’t always come back to you exactly the way you dished/gave it out.

cow theft


paranoid person's house

  • A life of not being able to trust anyone because they all lie to you
  • Always broke because you get stolen from (usually 10X the amount you stole)
  • A life of constant fear with a really high wall around your house with broken glass on cemented to the top around your house with barbed wire, spikes on the gate
  • Can’t hold a job
  • Bitterness
  • No security
  • Depression
  • Failure
  • No one visits you the last 8 yrs. in the old folks home
  • Spending the last half of your life all alone without anyone who loves you
  • Just a few shallow friendships
  • A paranoid life thinking that your wife or best friend or government may kill you today
  • Dying young
  • No one at your funeral except your mother and those who are obligated


happy family

  • A happy family who loves to get together
  • A stress free life
  • Great health for you and your family
  • Consistent peace
  • Lots of laughter
  • Generosity from others
  • A lifelong companion who cherishes you
  • Rarely stolen from
  • Trustworthy people all around you
  • Worry free
  • Really fun and full Christmases
  • A full Thanksgiving table
  • Unconditional love from family
  • Great and true friends
  • People who truly care about you
  • Good luck
  • Success in whatever you do
  • Always invited to things
  • People desire to be around you
  • A life filled with joy
  • Affectionate kids
  • A crowded funeral

If you’re old and you’ve been a real screw up, it’s not too late. Here’s what you do. Ask for forgiveness for the specific things you’ve done from those you’ve screwed over. Quit blaming everyone around you for your problems. Volunteer at places where there’s need. When you do, you surround yourself with good people. Give to the poor. Ask God to help you. He’s fixed more screwed up people than you. That’s for sure.

If you’re young, you can choose the life you’ll live by making a bunch of small choices now. One of these lives doesn’t just happen to a person. Choose your friends wisely. Put yourself in groups and places regularly where good people spend time and then you’ll make friends with good people. You’ll become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with so choose your friends carefully. Ask God for help. He really likes to help.