Tips On Making Roadtrips More Enjoyable

Packing leather luggage and other tips

Well, I’m not the authority on how to enjoyably roadtrip even though I DID LIVE IN MY CAR FOR QUITE AWHILE AND HAVE DRIVEN HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MILES around almost the entire continent of North America . . . and I did it all for pleasure.  Below are a few of my tips for making a road trip more enjoyable.  I just learned the first one on this current trip.


I’ve rolled my car, crashed other peoples’, killed lots of things, slept in my car, truck bed, on the rack, alone, with my dog, under the stars, freezing in ice storms and hot and sticky with mosquitos.  And I’ve slept with one eye open more than once.  I’ve learned a couple of things along the way that may or may not be of value to you and maybe not.  One thing I’m sure of though is that you probably have a couple of tips of your own.  Feel free to help us out with one of your tips at the end.

  1. We’re driving from Texas to Seattle right now and then heading up to Alaska from there. Suzette packed one suitcase with the things that all four of us would need for 5 days on the road. Now, instead of lugging in and lugging out all 6 of our suitcases at each stop, I just carry in one. All of the other suitcases stay in the truck until we get there and need our own suitcases. My wife is SOOOO smart.
  2. packing a leather suitcase ALWAYS keep sunflower seeds with you in case you get sleepy while driving day or night. Your brain works on separating the seed from the shell and helps you stay awake for hours longer
  3. With kids, don’t try to do too much or go too far in one day or it gets too tiring and the trip loses it’s fun.
  4. Satellite radio or some sort of continuous radio so you don’t have to change stations every 30 minutes
  5. Spend more time in fewer places.
  6. Even if you’re driving in a Bentley, take a roll of duct tape.  You’ll be happy you did.
  7. If you’re traveling with infants, crack the window slightly when they start getting a little fussy and the white noise will calm them down.
  8. A white noise maker like the one at is really great for making white noise so the kids sleep well and aren’t cranky the next day.

I’ll add more later.  I have to go now.