The Life After Death Series

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  Series Introduction The Rwandan Genocide of 1994 has been well documented and many stories, movies, and books have been made which convey the pain and suffering experienced during that dark period of Rwanda’s history. Followers of Saddleback Leather, Love41 or Dave and Suzette know that they are heavily involved in the lives of the… Read more »

Midnight, Three & Six

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  Midnight Three & Six is the second Sundance short documentary to come out of Dave Munson’s crazy Saddleback Filmmaker-in-Residence initiative. In the fall of 2013, I was working in the Saddleback Marketing department, doing a lot of copywriting, as well as all the branded video content. One evening I was editing at Dave and… Read more »

Sundance Film Festival Blog

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The way you get good at taking pictures is by taking lots of pictures. The way you get good at public speaking is by doing lots of public speaking. And the way you get good at doing video is by doing lots of video. And after 8 years of Saddleback being committed to doing lots of video, it’s starting to get noticed.