Summer 2016 Photo Contest Winners

Please join us in congratulating our Summer 2016 Photo Contest winners.


Best Overall: Aviran Benjamin “prickled” our attention with this shot of his Classic Briefcase in Tobacco taken in Tel Aviv, Israel. He’s our Overall Winner and gets a $500 Gift Certificate.


Best Pet: Bronson K Silva’s pal Miki almost steals the spotlight from the Classic Briefcase. Hopefully he didn’t get too much drool on your Briefcase 😜


Runner Up: Justus Dirkus’ well-aged leather pile earned him a Runner Up prize. Fantastic shot, Justus!


Runner Up: Tabitha Twietmeyer’s “family” catches a sunset on the beach.


Runner Up: “It’s behind me isn’t it?” Alain Baburam is one of our three Runners Up.


Congratulations to our winners! Go here for more info on the Photo Contest and how to enter.