Family Vacation On Somalia Border Goes Further South

Dhow off the Kenyan Coast

Stories from the life and travels of Saddleback Leather Owner, Dave Munson:

We recently spent a month in Africa and have a new story of God’s protection from a dark and evil presence.  So, we took a little family trip to the Kenyan coast after the group that we led left Rwanda. It was a super cool place called Mike’s Camp. Barefoot luxury, Mangrove Crab hunting, deep sea fishing, sand and surf. It was one for the record books, but the end was a little spooky.

On the day before we left, we met the captain of a small dhow named Omar who offered to take us in his sailboat to a little village we had been wanting to visit on the island and that had a nice beach for the kids to play on. So we accepted his kind offer to sail us there.

Dave and Omar

Without us knowing, he took us to a little Muslim village on the mainland where the police the day before told us that the terrorist group al-Shabaab was alive and well. We knew that witchcraft and voodoo was strong there, but we learned of the history of foreigners being abducted to Somalia and then murdered once we got on shore and started our tour.

He paraded our barefoot family through the village on the road that led to Somalia about 40 miles away. It was a dark place. Everyone was nervous, even Omar’s brother, Ali. Later that night, Omar, an Islamic prophet and angel, and I talked for about 5 hours until after midnight about God nature and the moon and about how a person can have strong supernatural peace and inexpressible joy and a deep love in their life that is beyond understanding, even during storms. If he were to ever have that in his life, there would be a huge shake up in that area because everyone in the region knows and respects and would listen to him.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.07.43 PM
View from inside our hut

I finally went to bed and found Suzette praying. We talked for a bit and then I fell asleep. She didn’t. After about 45 minutes, Suzette shook me awake and said that we needed to pray RIGHT NOW!!! There was blackness in the room. No light whatsoever. We could no longer see outside (we were staying in a thatched roof hut with no glass in the windows) or even our hands in front of us. It was strange and creepy like nothing we’d ever experienced. There was a huge dark and evil presence in our hut. We prayed and rebuked the spirits and sent texts to family and friends to pray for our protection (we could text but no internet). And shortly we could see light again through the window holes in the grass hut and in front of us and we were not harmed by anybody in any way and the peace returned.

I know this sounds like crazy talk to some, but I’m just telling you what happened. Surely there could be an explanation for all of the blackness even though it was dry season and there was not a cloud in the sky and the stars shine brightly. But there was a heaviness in our spirits and we sensed an unmistakable strong evil.

I am not a highly emotional sensationalist, but I witnessed what I witnessed and we are happy we’re alive and well.


P.S. This is a peak at how we packed for our month long trip in February.  Our family took up one of the beast duffels and then we used the rest for gifts and supplies for our Rwanda family and friends with Africa New Life Ministries.


All four colors of the beast duffel pictured.  One of my older tobacco suitcases.  And a few items that aren’t out yet including the Doctor’s Overnight Bag and the Soft Sided Suitcase.