American Safari: The Coolest “House” in Texas

Saddleback Leather Owners, Dave and Suzette Munson with their family in front of Safari Tents
The Munson family enjoying life and the mud in front of their American Safari Tents

In case you thought Saddleback Leather owners, Dave and Suzette Munson, were normal – let me clear that up, they are not. They travel to unusual places, they do business differently, and they live in Tents. Really, really cool tents.  It’s a compound of authentic canvas safari tents in North Texas, just outside the Fort Worth / Dallas metroplex.  And it’s amazing!

Outdoor shower and tub at the Saddleback Leather Tents
Outdoor shower and tub at the tents

Their American Safari compound is made up of 4 canvas tents connected by a wooden boardwalk. It features all of the comforts of home including air conditioning, full sized kitchen with appliances, running hot and cold water, indoor toilets and comfortable furnishings.  The pièce de résistance is probably the outdoor shower and copper tub that allows you to star gaze while soaking in a warm bath.  To get the full tour, see our pictorial here and see the video below.

Installing African tents wasn’t an easy process by any stretch of the imagination.  The tents were designed with an African tent maker, made in Africa and then shipped over to their final destination.  It took over a year to finish from the time they started the process in the spring of 2015. But the end result is an amazing set up that allows their family to enjoy a lifestyle that many don’t these days.  Despite all the modern luxuries, the place has an almost pioneer feel.  They are really living in sync with the land and enjoying the beauty and life that abounds under the Texas Oaks.

Even though they are surrounded by beauty, their life style presents some unique challenges.Saddleback Leather Safari Tents featured in 360 West Magazine  The North Texas weather can be a bit unpredictable and sometimes presents tornados to deal with. And because the walls are made of canvas, when it gets cold, it gets really cold inside. They also get to deal with all the critters that had already set up residence in the neighborhood, including Copperhead snakes.  But for all the challenges, it’s been a wonderful experience that has allowed them to simply life and give their family a one of a kind experience to enjoy life and each other.

Join Dave and Suzette as they give the grand tour and share a bit more about tent life in the video below. Also, the Munson family and their tents recently got featured in 360 West, a local lifestyle magazine.  You can find the article and additional pictures here.