Saddleback Leather Customer Photos Roundup

Our leather bags are the ugliest they will ever be the first day you get them.  So do you know what happens as you use them?  They get really good looking, then really, really good looking, and then at some point Saddleback Leather just turns gorgeous!  These Saddleback Leather Customer Photos will illustrate the point.

We asked some of our customers if we could repost a few pics that we found out in social media land.  These pieces are beauties and will hopefully give you a good idea of the what your leather will look like as it ages.  So join me as we drool over the gorgeous leather and get to know some of our fellow leather brothers and sisters.


This first picture is a Large Bifold in Tobacco that is about 5-6 years old.  That Northwoods knife isn’t shabby looking either.  Thank you @ron.dean.142 for the photo.  If you’re interested in more every day carry shots and other cool knives, Ron’s Instagram page is pretty cool.



Next we have a Medium Satchel in Tobacco that is about 3.5 years old.  Thanks to @theperfectleatherbag for the photo!  You can also check out more pictures and some very thorough reviews on her youtube channel also named ThePerfectLeatherBag.  If you still haven’t checked out the Mountainback line, she does a thorough review of the Canvas Tote here.



Then we have the interesting and talented, Musician and Publisher Jeremy Gotwals’ Large Thin Briefcase in Chestnut that is about a year old.  Jeremy tweeted that “No road trip is complete without my Saddleback Leather…” Glad your bag gets to hit the road and enjoy some good music.



This Medium Bi-fold Wallet in Dark Coffee Brown is about 2 years old.  @TacticalJoe shows off his every day carry on a regular basis on Instagram.  Nice collection, Joe!


And last but not least for this round up, wanted to share some unusual bag swag.  Food blogger @ajewsbouche has added a foodie spin to the swag hanging on his Classic Briefcase.  Sriracha anyone?


With so many uses for the D-rings on your bag, from hanging umbrellas to tying on a sleeping bag, why not add your favorite condiment?  I’m on board. And if that doesn’t make your mouth water, check out his blog

His post makes me wonder what other unique bag swag is out there?  If you have unique bag swag, let us know what it is below, post it on Instagram and tag us or send a pic of your bag with the swag into with the subject line of Bag Swag.  Also, we’ll be on the look out for your Saddleback Leather posts on Social Media for our next Customer Photos post. Hope to see your bag out there!