Saddleback Leather Customer Photos Roundup – Saddleback in Petra


We like to say our leather bags are the ugliest they will ever be the first day you get them.  So do you know what happens as you use them?  They get really good looking, then really, really good looking, and then at some point Saddleback Leather just turns gorgeous!  These Saddleback Leather Customer Photos illustrate the point.

We asked some of our customers if we could repost a few pics that we found in social media land. These pieces are beauties and will give you a good idea of what your leather will look like as it ages.  So join me as we get to know some of our fellow leather brothers and sisters and drool over their unique leather and canvas bags.


Saddleback Leather Front Pocket Backpack in Petra

So cool to see the Thin Front Pocket Backpack at Petra, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Thanks @dhlavac for sharing with us.



@julianfoglietti ‘s self portrait is striking.  And his Classic Briefcase  in Carbon Black, is pretty cool too.  Check out more of Julian’s work on his site here.


Saddleback Leather Products Check out this gorgeous grouping of leather!  That tote is looking fine!  Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection @sarashaw97 .


Our own William shares his wife’s Love 41 Bucket Bag and everything she can get in side.  She also carries her Big Wallet and her Love 41 Cosmetic Bag.


Saddleback leather Front Pocket ID wallet and Front Pocket Bifold Wallet

@joe.furnituremaker cares a lot about quality, and makes some fine wood products. If you’re a fan of fine craftsmanship, you’ll enjoy his Instagram page. These are a few of his Saddleback wallets; the Front Pocket Bifold Wallet is new, the Front Pocket ID Wallet, a couple years in.

That’s a wrap for this round up!  See you next time.