Saddleback Leather and Love 41 Crew Runs The Zoo

By William.

Team Saddleback Leather and Love 41 came out in force over the weekend to partake in The Fort Worth Zoo’s 20th Annual Zoo Run. Excitement and frenzy were in the air as everyone stretched and gathered to the starting line. It was April Fools’ Day, but our Blue Bell – Mint Chocolate Chip, T-shirts weren’t foolin’ anybody. We meant business, taking first place in all racer categories. (Well, we were first place in our hearts, none of us made the podium.)

The Saddleback Leather and Love 41 team participate in the annual Fort Worth Zoo Run on April 1, 2017
The Saddleback Leather and Love 41 team participated in the annual Fort Worth Zoo Run on April 1, 2017

We were together for our Team photo, and then ran wild passing out sweet leather Cord Wraps to our running cohorts. Those wraps are great. Cords aren’t meant for knots.

IMG_6933Anyways, it’s not often we get out from behind the leather, so this was a relaxing way to spend a Saturday, jogging 3.2 miles through the zoo and surrounding neighborhood. About halfway up, at what felt like 4:44am, you could hear the collective, heavy breathing of hundreds of people, asking themselves if the rest of the run was going to be like this, and why’d I opt to do this over sleeping in. Now look to your left, look to your right, hey, everyone else is doing it. Let’s keep going! It’s totally worth it.

We happily traipsed our way through the streets, smiling in pride at all the people sipping their coffee, watching us dash by. (Thanks for the waves of encouragement FW!) Some of them even scored some leather. Easing into the last leg of the run, we came through the zoo. The zookeepers were cheering us on like we were delivering panda twins. Nice! It was kind of a switch of pace for the animals. For their viewing pleasure, the wheeze of joggers came flooding through. The elephants ate, the giraffes necks swung. The gorillas were annoyed; the birds gazed at everyone.

Some of our awesome warehouse crew!

Loudspeakers boomed praise, ushering us in as champions. We’ve got our run in for the day year. Fort Worth’s a nice place, and so are its people. Our thanks to the Fort Worth Zoo Run Staff for putting it all together and making it go off without a hitch, to the Police and Security who kept everyone safe, and everyone else who helped put it on. And thanks to all the great folks we had the pleasure to run alongside of. It was a great time! Hope to see you there next year!


– Your friends at Saddleback Leather And Love 41