Saddleback Christmas Gift Guide

By Sarah Farver (Public Relations)

We all feel it creeping up on us. The craziness of December gets me every year. We find ourselves sucked into it in spite of how hard we resist. I’d like to encourage you to make a change this year and keep things simple. Yes, we want to buy gifts for friends and family to celebrate Christmas, but you can make a conscious choice to do a few things that may help you enjoy the season more. Be thankful, regardless. Want less. Spend less time on your electronic devices and more face-to-face time with people. Don’t over commit to things.

1. Not sure what to get your son? Put him on the path to manhood with something every man should have–a sturdy wallet. It’ll age with him, and stretch over time to fit more cards and bills. // Saddleback Leather’s Front Pocket ID Wallet. $43

2. Looking for something for your daughter? Love41’s sleek clutch is sized (and priced) just right. Designed with a fresh and young style, it will still serve her well for years to come. // Love 41’s Umuragi Legacy Mini Clutch. $49

3. Shopping for a college student? Our book bag is an ideal college sidekick. It’s a featherweight in the size department, but packs a punch in terms of style and durability. Interior and exterior pockets make room for precious cargo–like cell phones and calculators. // Saddleback Leather’s Book Bag. $139

4. For the person who already has everything…S’well’s Teakwood Water Bottle promises to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. We also like how rugged it looks, and that every bottle sold means S’well plants another tree in an American forest. // S’well Teakwood Water Bottle. $35

5. Looking to spice up your stocking-stuffer game? Try Joe’s Wicked Good Beef Jerky. This isn’t the stuff you get a gas station. This is jerky as it’s meant to be–made in California and tasting like ‘Merica. // Joe’s Wicked Good Jerky. $6

6. Got a coffee-lover on your list? Give them something delicious and meaningful. HOPE Coffee provides high-grade coffee, while the profits go to supporting Honduran farmers and the churches in their community. You can gift a friend with one bag of coffee, or an entire year’s subscription. // HOPE Coffee Subscription. $13.99 per month

7. Need something for a musician? Show them you’re in tune with who they are. Anthology Gear Wear creates note-worthy leather items for musicians–including everything from guitar straps to drum stick bags. They’re made from soft full-grain leather and can withstand lots of wear. (And that’s coming from us.) // Anthology Gear Wear’s Blackwood Guitar Strap. $159

8. Need a gift for a guy with a beard? Consider Can You Handlebar’s beard oil. Proving that good things come in small (and preferably vintage-style) packaging, Can You Handlebar’s beard oil comes in a variety of rustic and masculine fragrances. // Can You Handlebar’s Honor Beard Oil. $24

9. Shopping for the cook in the family? Here’s an old favorite. Lodge’s Cast Iron Skillets are the stuff of American legend. Made by an old Tennessee family, these sturdy pans last for generations, and (as with all good things) get better with age. // Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. $12-$60

10. How about something for an adventurer? This belongs in every adventurer’s toolkit. The LifeStraw filters out all sorts of nasty, and allows you to drink from a river without fear. It’s pretty cool. // LifeStraw $19.95-$54.95

11. Searching for something really different? Try the art prints from Liberty in North Korea. Painted by Sun Mu, an artist who escaped from North Korea, these are vibrant, colorful pieces. Printed on high-quality canvases, all of the proceeds go to Sun Mu himself, and to further Liberty in North Korea’s efforts to help other people who have escaped North Korea. // “Nostalgia” Canvas Print. $45

12. Looking for a versatile gift that would fit just about anyone? Try giving socks for Christmas. Yeah, we know, that’s pretty much like getting underwear. Boring. Except when the socks are made from “smartwool” that wicks moisture and make you feel like you should be walking in the Scottish Highlands. // SmartWool PhD Slopestyle Light Switch Ally-Oop Socks. $24.95

13. How about a little something for him? Here’s the kind of thing you give to someone you really, really love. For a real showstopper, look no further than the Saddleback Thin Briefcase. You know about Saddleback’s 100-year warranty, and all that is true here, too. But our thin briefcase tops off the practicality with a look that’s extra sleek. As in tailored-suit-sleek. It also comes in all our traditional colors, so you can customize the bag to fit the man. You’re welcome. // Saddleback’s Thin Briefcase. $459

14. Searching for a gift she’ll love? Love41’s leather tote keeps everything simple. She’ll love how the clean, modern style highlights the variations in the leather, and that this bag will go with just about every outfit she owns. // Love41’s Simple Tote. $169