Power Tools



By Tim (Social Content Guy)

I am 31 years old and have a first today. I bought my first power tool. It is not the first one I have owned or used, but the first one I have purchased. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Did you steal the others?” I’m kidding! You’re thinking, “What took you so long?!” Well, I can think of a few factors that contributed to the delay.

One is that I have lived in some form of community most of my adult years. Some of these years were in college dorms, some in a community house with amazing friends, and now, in my own home but with many friends around. This has made it possible to either not need power tools, or, more likely, to be able to borrow them from friends. I still prefer that actually.

So much of our culture has become all about the individual, and with it, owning all of our own stuff. When we choose to live in some form of community, we are choosing to place ourselves against the individualist culture. We are choosing to place ourselves in a state of neediness. While this isn’t always easy, it can be very rewarding! It also frees up our budget and time to be more generous.

Another factor is that I did not own a house until this last year. Prior to that I have always rented and the owners of the houses have taken care of repairs, upkeep, and whatnot. That is a pretty swell way to live too. But I’m stoked to be a homeowner now! There’s something about buying your first home that unleashes a desire to buy power tools and build stuff! This is sometimes out of necessity if the house you have purchased is in need of repairs. Thankfully for me the house I bought is in quite good shape but I still want to build.

A final factor I can think of is a combination of fear and apathy. Fear of making a ‘big’ purchase as well as fear of not knowing how to use power tools. There’s something about our broken humanity that makes admitting that we lack skills or intellect very, very difficult. I think this is true for everyone but find it especially common among men. The apathy factor has more to do with allowing myself to be content just relaxing, sitting on my butt, and not taking the steps or risks to try to build things with my hands. This causes a lot of tension in my soul actually. Yet, because of the apathy and comfort, I sometimes stay in that state for far too long!

Taking the step to purchase a circular saw today was excellent for me. It was a way of putting my foot down against fear and apathy. It was a way of saying to my wife, “I love you and I am going to get a tool that will help me build you a beautiful home and garden.”

For your entertainment I made a video showing off my circular saw and explaining a little project I am using it on. Enjoy!