Old World Artist Meets New World Gadget: Jake Weidmann and the iPad Pro

by Tim Kramer (Social Media Content Associate/Padawan)

Many of you probably saw the Apple Keynote yesterday. If you’re like me you are probably wiping up some drool and moving some money in your budget so you can get that iPad Pro eventually. Along with that beautiful new iPad, Tim Cook and team shared about Apple Watch updates, the Apple Pencil (you think Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave?), the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus (and yes our current 6 cases still fits both designs) and the Apple TV update. These were all really exciting to see but the coolest part of the event was seeing Jake Weidmann demoing the new iPad Pro!

applepencilJake Weidmann is one of twelve living master penman in the world right now and he’s three decades younger than the rest! A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet Jake and his wife Hannah at their studio apartment in Denver. They welcomed me and another co-worker, Darlene, who handles our corporate gifts,  into their space and Jake even made us lattes. He truly is a man of many talents. After talking for a bit about Saddleback Leather (he’s a big fan), penmanship, and quality, Jake gave us a tour of his space. I was blown away by his talent and passion for his art – if you haven’t heard of him or seen his work, stop reading this and go check out his site.

He is truly a uniquely gifted artist and it was an honor to spend part of a day with him. He even sent me home with a test print of his piece titled, ‘The Untamed Lion’ (see picture for a sneak peek). I had mentioned that I loved the piece and that my five year old son and I were reading ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ He surprised me by giving me a test print as I was leaving. My son loves it!

LionWhen I was watching the Apple Event and saw Jake’s drawings on there, I was so excited! There was something about this master penman using his skills on the new iPad Pro that was beautifully intriguing. The graceful fluidity of his pen movements looked as impressive with the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro as they do with pen and paper. With the fantastic display of the iPad Pro his drawing looks exquisite. It was fantastic to see him so comfortable and confident, like a master of any art form ought to be.

Another intriguing aspect was the thought of an old world artist using a new world gadget. To me it seems that more and more of the old world art forms are becoming rare while new gadgets are introduced constantly. Seeing an old world master artists like Jake graciously using the new iPad Pro was fascinating! I am sure any designer, illustrator, artist, or aspiring penman, will be dreaming of that iPad Pro now. I was inspired when I met Jake a few weeks back and was further inspired seeing his involvement at the Apple event yesterday.

As an amateur potter, I too, seek to preserve an old world art form while being open-minded to new world gadgets. New technology is constantly being developed to help make life better and easier. For artists, whether they are a master like Jake Weidmann, or an amateur, like myself, the tension between old and new isn’t going away. How we approach them and discover how the two can compliment one another, is a beautiful dance.

I hope you were able to see Jake’s drawings at the Apple Event yesterday. If you weren’t able to, definitely check out his work and be encouraged. Be inspired to dedicate your life to creativity and staying true to your art form, whatever it may be. I’ll let you get back to drooling over that new iPad Pro now!