And Now I Live in Texas


By Erin Murphy (Customer Service)


I’ve always been a girl without a home. Not homeless at all now, I’ve always had a place to live. I just always wanted to leave. Denver native but couldn’t wait to leave the mountains. New Mexico, just there for college, thank you. I would’ve stayed in London forever, but maxed-out credit cards and no work visa tend to put a stop to living abroad.

After wandering around the country, I ended up in a small town in New Hampshire. Yeah, that state that most of us can’t find on a map. I was blown away with the massive amount of green! We don’t see that much vegetation in Colorado, and I was amazed. Trees everywhere. Hiker’s paradise.

And then comes the winter…aka Arctic Tundra!

I’ve never been a snow lover. The cold always bothered me anyway, sorry Elsa. Suddenly I was trapped in a place where the air quite literally hurts your face. You have to dig your car out of it’s nighttime igloo at five in the morning because you still have to get to work on time. The neighbors start resembling penguins and polar bears.

A year ago, we moved to the last place I ever expected to call home: Amarillo. My first step in this city resulted in a friendly remark in a buffet line. “Hey, don’t I know you?” Uh, no, I literally just got here.

The restaurant flat out exploded.

“Welcome to Texas!” “Where you from honey?” “You know, we get snow here too!” And the constant, hesitating inquiry, “Do y’all like it here?”

At 100 degrees and up this summer, I’m finally warm. The community acceptance I waited seven years for in New Hampshire took seven seconds. The accent is easier to understand. (Fun fact: the word “lar” is spelled l-a-w in Massachusetts, l-i-a-r in Texas. True story.)

My house costs about half what it would in any of my other home states. I’ve got small-town friendliness in a town with four Starbucks instead of 800 Dunkin Donuts. (I prefer a triple grande carmel macch to a large extra-extra.) And the air doesn’t hurt my face.

I’m happy to trade my ayuh’s for y’alls, and I’m fixin’ ta set a spell in the best state I’ve seen. Yes, friendly lady at Cici’s, I like it here. To paraphrase Kermit the frog, “This girl’s stayin’!”