My Favorite Unpleasures

Things That Bring Discomfort to Us All

Just as there are certain Universal Simple Pleasures in life that we all enjoy as in my last article, there are also Simple Universal Broken-ToothMisfortunes or Unpleasures that we all unenjoy as in my list below.  Feel free to add to the list of your favorite unfavorite things.  The death of a pet, your home burning down or a broken spine are not the kinds of things I’m talking about.


1. A bad tooth

2. Brain freeze from eating ice cream too fast

3. A smashed finger in the door

4. Blisters

5. Earaches

6. When you turn the water on in the tub and cold water shoots out the showerhead

7. Sunburns

8.Getting shocked











9. Canker sores

10. Bird bombs

11. Bite your tongue

12. Burned tongue

13. Tortilla chip pokes the roof of your mouth

14. Bee sting

15. Stubbed toe

16.   Smell of rotten eggs

17.   Poked in the eye

18.   Mosquito bites

19.   Muscle cramps


20. Gum in hair (my nephew and niece)














21.   Dirt in eye

22.   Bite your cheek

23.   Can’t fully yawn

24.   Biting into something mushy that shouldn’t be mushy

25.   No towels

26.   Smell of spoiled milk

27.   No toilet paper

28.   Run out of gas

29.   Flat tire

30.   B.O.

31.   Paper cuts

32.   Hang nails

33.   Running out of hot water

34.   Overcooking













35.   Curly hair in food


36.   Step in gum

37.   Slivers

38.   Zit in your nose

39.   Step in digested dog food

40.   Heartburn

41.   Singed hair

42.   Bleach spots

43.   Bad haircuts

44.   Smell of rotten fish

If you have anything for the rest of us to read, please feel free, but keep it rated at the most PG-13  or your comment will be one of my unpleasures.