Meet and Greet: Get to know Entrepreneur and long time SLC fan, Toby Tull

By Erin Murphy

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SuperFan time again! We’d like to introduce an amazing entrepreneur, travel junkie, and all-around nice guy, Toby Tull!

Toby discovered Saddleback in 2010 when he was getting ready to circumnavigate the globe. He toted his Satchel, Waterbag and Briefcase everywhere from Queenstown to the Everest base camp to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

“The reason I took Saddleback on trips,” Toby explains, “is because it tells the story. Every mark tells a story from the trip.” He even set up a curriculum for elementary students so they could virtually follow along and live-chat with Toby on location from places like the Great Pyramids! (Told ya he’s a nice guy!)

These days, Toby keeps busy running FOUR businesses, including a Kombucha brewery, a hydroponic farm, a traditional organic field farm, and a farm to table food establishment called Happy Harvest.  He’s very passionate about food, and very passionate about Saddleback Leather!

toby and leather

SLC – Where are you from?

Toby – Waco, born and raised. Good place.

SLC – What is your passion?

Toby – I love hard work, and I love travel. Both of which require really good bags. I own four different businesses right now, and I really enjoy what I do! It’s fun because all four companies, come together to help with farm to table dinners. It’s like a family get-together for us. Really fun. Our dinners are very welcoming and homey because we are family and it feels that way. My companies exist because I think people should have access to quick and easy and good healthy food. One person at a time.  

farm dinner 4

SLC – Have you ever met a stranger that was carrying Saddleback?

Toby – All the time. It happened last week on the way to a mtg, walked through a coffee shop, and someone asked about my hard sided briefcase.  This happens about once every couple of months. When I was traveling, everywhere I went I got compliments on my beautiful, unique bags. It’s fun! It’s a brand I like to talk about. I feel good being around this brand and being able to explain what Saddleback Leather does. It is something I enjoy doing.

SLC – Tell us about your favorite piece of leather.

Toby – The one that I’ve wanted the longest (since 2011 when Dave started teasing) is the hard sided briefcase. Just got it 6 months ago, and it’s the crown jewel for me! If I had to choose just one though, my favorite right now is the Doctor’s Bag.  I’m always picking stuff up from one business and going to another. The doctor’s is like a bucket bag, I can dump everything in there and organize it in the office. I keep my hard sided briefcase organized, so I have a favorite organized bag and a favorite unorganized bag!

SLC – How do you like your eggs?

Toby – over easy

SLC – How long have you been a Saddleback fan?

Toby – Made my first purchases back in 2010. First item ever: passport wallet in DCB.  I bought it to check the quality. Next thing was a custom DCB MD satchel w/suede lining, back when customizing was an option. When that came in, I knew I’d found the leather company for me! I’m not just a blind loyalist. I’ve tried other companies, and I just don’t like them. Saddleback makes things the way I like, so there is no risk when I want to buy a new bag. It’s not hard to spend money on something so durable and functional. SO functional! I’d rather spend on Saddleback than on something that will break.

SLC – What design would you like to see Dave come out with?

Toby – Right now I’m waiting for 10.5 iPad Pro Case, but I know that will happen. This is a hard question because Dave’s just come out with the Doctor’s Bag and the hard sided briefcase! He NEEDS to release that trunk! That would give me the Trifecta: Doctor’s Bag, Hard Sided Briefcase, and Trunk.

SLC – For or against onions?

Toby – Against. Well, I am against raw onions. I don’t think a raw onion should be on anything. I’m pro-cooked/carmelized onion. Very passionately against raw onion.

SLC – How do you make the world a better place?

Toby – In the little things. I’m not the greatest biz leader of all time, or the most philanthropic, but I can stop and help someone with their car. Stop and help my employees. I try to help in the little things, behind the scenes, where only the recipient will know, because I think that’s important. For me, it’s the person living next to you, or the little old lady at the grocery store who can’t do something herself but doesn’t want to ask, so I just do it. That takes real discipline.

Please check out the Happy Harvest Instagram page for a real sense of what Toby does on the farm, and if you’re in the Waco area, look them up and come on by!

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