The Leather Milk Before-and-After Christmas Bundle Giveaway




And the winners are…


1. kevins89notch on Instagram





2. thewmking on Instagram





3. Jaime Beltran on Pinterest




If you see your name above, make sure to send us an email so we can get your details!




We’re giving away a jolly bundle of leather! Here’s how to get your mitts on it:

1. **UPDATE** We’re out of samples, but don’t fret! See “Other Ways to Enter” below
2. Once your Leather Milk arrives, take two photos: One BEFORE applying Leather Milk to your leather item and one AFTER you apply it
3. Post both photos on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest and use #LeatherMilkBnA
4. We’ll pick three of our favorites. Each winner gets a Saddleback Christmas Package including:

  • Christmas Stockings
  • A Leather Wreath
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Leather Pine Cones
  • Leather Bows
  • A Leather Label Set
  • A $750 Saddleback Leather Gift Certificate



Other Ways to Enter:

Starting right now we’ll be including a Free 1oz. Sample Bottle of Leather Milk with every order while there’s enough to go around. Also if you already have some Leather Milk handy, you don’t need to order a Free 1oz. Sample Bottle to enter – you can post right now!



A few rules:
  • We have a limited number of samples. Please help us spread the word about Leather Milk by only ordering one per family
  • Post as many times as you like
  • Please don’t reach out to Customer Service to ask about the contest, or whether you got a bottle in your order, or to tell them what you want for Christmas. Feel free to send them compliments though, or sing them a Christmas carol!
  • Reach out to us on social if you have any questions for us
  • Have fun!