Great Style Knows No Age

by Kate House (Customer Service)

While we were all busy soaking up the sun and savoring our last few days of freedom, September quietly came in looking a lot like Summer. But the faint change in the air has the fashionistas and fashionisters fanned and flushed in excitement for the biggest event of the year: Fall Fashion Week. For those who may be reading this and feeling a bit on the outside let me give you the quick clue in.

Fall is the beginning of the year for the fashion industry and is the setting for the creme de la creme of the trend-setters to come together and watch the shows that will predict trends for the next season, if not years, to come. Since the lovely little invention of the internet though, this once insider-only event has become accessible to everyone. But it’s not just about setting and predicting trends; it’s also largely about craftsmanship. There’s a reason that vintage Chanel and Hermes bags retail for more than they did new – they get better with age. While Saddleback has more of a rugged feel, this is one thing we at Saddleback can identify with. Quality craftsmanship has been the value behind Saddleback from the beginning. While you may not see our leather in the tents at Bryant Park (the famed location for New York Fashion Week), I would hazard a guess you’ll one day see Dave’s original designs go for more than they were first sold for.

So, while the hipsters flock to New York and Paris this September here my picks for leather that will weather the trends, one season at a time.
Best of Womenswear

Bucket Backpack in Chestnut

The fashion glitterati have already honed in on what a gem this is. Check it out on The Ginger Snap’s Instagram.

Best of Menswear

Squared Backpack in Tobacco
“I expected a quality bag but I was surprised to see the trophy like product. The bag demands your attention and you absolutely must touch the leather. At 72 years old I have purchased lots of product in my life but have never been more pleased and satisfied. I just wished I would have had this when I was piloting in the world theater as baggage was extremely valuable and necessary. My only problem with the bag is deciding which Grandbaby to leave it to as it will have at least a couple of years left on the 100 year warranty when I am through using it!!”

– Jerry  D. Aguilar
Best in Accessories

Large Bifold Wallet

The Large Bifold wallet has won the highest of accolades from the man I know as hardest to please – my dad. “No matter what type of pocket I try to put it in, it fits!” He exclaims to me almost every time I talk to him.  The original design of the Large Bifold contained a secret compartment that now garners $250 eBay bids. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about vintage Saddleback!
Creative Vision

The Chess Set

Around the time of the launch of the Chess Set, Dave shared this sweet video about the craftsmanship of Moroccan wooden jewelry makers. We take this same pride in making the pieces for our Chess Set.

Lifetime Achievement

The Classic Briefcase in Tobacco
“I walked into a little leather shop and met a fellow working leather in the back. I asked him if he could make me a bag if I were to draw it out. I told him that I wanted it to be made so well that my grandkids would fight over it while I was still warm in the grave. He said “Si” and I said “Bueno” and that’s how it all started. God directed me to the perfect bag that didn’t even exist yet.” – Dave Munson, Founder and Owner of Saddleback Leather
This is “The Bag that Started It All” and years later it’s still our best-selling bag.

Having just celebrated her 94th birthday, Iris Apfel, one of fashion’s most seasoned and celebrated icons has a lot of wisdom to share on the subject of getting better with age. So I will leave you with her words that say it better than I could.
“If you’re lucky enough to get old, I think you should celebrate it.”