Four ready-packaged adventures, and their Saddleback bag pairing



By Herndon Hasty (Digital Performance Manager)

Four ready-packaged adventures, and their Saddleback bag pairing


If you’re ever looking for ideas for trips, adventures and getaways, Dave and the Saddleback team are always great resources. Between where we’ve been and where we want to go, we’re always full of dream lists just waiting to experience and share.


Here’s a further list from the team of destinations that we’ve done or want to do that have an element of adventure built in, and the Saddleback bag to pair with it.


  1. The Hermitage Plantation Inn, Nevis. If you’ve ever see the most recent Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo, you’ve probably drooled over the mountaintop Caribbean villa that the protagonists steal away to before things start getting really heavy. While there’s probably a way to get ahold of that particular property in Martinique, the next best thing is something that mere mortals can afford.

    The Hermitage is a bed and breakfast made up of shared and private cabins and villas, set on Nevis’ central mountain / volcano / rain forest. It has the comforts of a hotel – restaurant, pool, shuttles to the beach – while still getting you away from it all, giving you some space, and all happening relatively far from the beaten path of the Caribbean tourist magnets. Pack a dry bag or waterbag for a short or long trip, respectively.

    Your location alone is a adventure, but being in a remote setting puts you in a position to hike jungle trails, explore colonial-era forts and towns, take to the seas, or just lay in a hammock with some Gypsy Kings playing on a resort-provided CD player, and listen to flamenco guitars and monkeys chattering plots about how to get at the food they know you’re keeping in your cabin. Forgot to mention the monkeys…anything with monkeys has to be an adventure, right?

  2. Sinya on Lone Man Creek, Texas Hill Country. Looking for the Thomas Crown getaway experience a little close to home? Or maybe a place to try tent living before asking Dave how to get some house tents of your own? Sinya, located 5.5 miles from Wimberly Texas (itself located about 15 minutes from the middle of nowhere)  is a luxury tent getaway for those who could really use a little space.

    It offers isolation, space and exploration of a different sort. Your resort pool is a creek, at least after the Spring rains have come through. Your walking and hiking paths are through Hill Country brush and woodlands, and ziplines over nearby canyons. Monkeys are replaced by the owner’s pomeranians – known to make visits – which, if you squint, can seem like you’re being stalked by small happy lion cubs (as a pom owner, I can attest to this…especially if they’re super-fluffy or just been shaved). And while you’re more solitary than you might be in the Nevis interior, you have the same comforts and luxuries of an in-town resort – to use or unplug as you please.

    Come to get a jump on that novel you’ve been thinking about, toss your SLR in a Gadget Bag and drink in the scenery, or just let your worries dissipate in either the open Texas sky or the private hot tub.

  3. Drive A Tank, Mankato Minnesota. While Mankato, Minnesota might not strike you as a tourist destination (save for Vikings fans looking to see their team at training camp), it’s got a gem built into it: Drive A Tank.

    Man, I love straight talk. Something that says what it is, and delivers on that promise. And Drive A Tank is nothing if not straight forward: You go there to drive tanks. It offers packages named things like ‘Drive a Tank Over a Car’ and ‘Drive a Tank Through A House’. That poetry alone is captivating let alone, you know, the opportunity to drive tanks over things.

    They even offer a partnered package with Extreme Sandbox, which offers a less martial man-fantasy of using heavy digging and construction equipment.

    I don’t have authorization from Dave to promise this, but if anyone manages to make it out to DAT and can furnish pictures of a classic briefcase after surviving a tussle with tank treads, or hanging on the end of a tank turret atop the ruins of a Buick, I’m sure we can find something extra special to share with you.

  4. Mt Titlis, Engelberg, Switzerland. An alpine glacier, which normally makes you think of skiing, snowboarding, chalets and hot chocolate. It’s that too, but like other ski resorts, it has to make a living during the summer months, too.

    It’s living comes from standard things like hiking and biking trails, but also gondola rides up the mountain, crossings on Europe’s highest suspension bridge, it’s spectacular ice caves, and any number of creative ways to get back down: Off-road bikes, scooters, or even another scenic cable car ride back down, with lake boats waiting for someone to row them at the bottom. This is definitely backpack material, be it a purpose-built backpack or one of the many models that can be converted.

    Catch a stay at the Hotel Europe or Hotel Bellevue, associated with the local school of hotel management (and thus potential deals on some beautiful spaces), and press on to historic Lucerne just 45 minutes away for more of the same, or to Zurich to check in on your bank account.