Dave’s Christmas Gift Ideas That They’ll Use and Remember

Only My Very Favorite Things

Below is a Christmas list of the very best and coolest gifts that I’ve either given, received or wanted really bad. Notice I don’t suggest anything that I make.  These are just things that’ll make you famous. An example, one particularly broke Christmas, I bought my nephews a 30 ft. length of thick rope for $12. They and all the neighborhood kids left their Christmas presents at home to play with that rope all Christmas day and into the night.  To be the favorite around the Christmas tree this year.

Please note, the following gifts aren’t all safe, but they sure are fun. Also, there is no benefit to me if you buy anything on this list; I just thought you might be able to use some of my favorite ideas.

Joe with Sling-Shot

Young Boys – Inexpensive
– 30 ft. length of rope (just give it to them and you won’t see them for a few days)

– Bow and arrow (9 – 13 yrs.)

– Slingshot with a bag of marbles (all ages)

– BB gun (all ages)

– Dart board – Darts will drive the men and boys out from in front of the TV for hours and hours (all ages)

– Refrigerator box with a hole cut in it (ages 2 – 6)

– Blow gun (any length) with little darts (8 yrs. and up)

– Styrofoam or balsam

-Teenage boys – throwing knives, Rambo knife, hatchet, chinese throwing star, flint fire starter like Bear Grylls in Man vs. Wild

For Girls

– 7 – 12 yrs old the book, Hair: A Book of Braiding and Styles. My nieces shared that book and kept it in the bathroom and used it almost all the time for at least two years
– Up to 8 years old, the more $1 gifts, the merrier.

I bought my seven year old niece 7 presents for her 7th birthday for a total of $7. She was stunned. She said, “I can’t believe you bought me so much stuff”. My response, “Now you know who loves you the most”.

– 2 – 5 yrs. old, A tea set. My daughter, Sela, always wants to have tea parties. She absolutely LOVES the one my Aunt Jane gave her.

For Guitar or Bass Players
Guitar Straps from Anthology Gear Wear www.anthologygearwear.com. Brian leans toward Guitar-Strapgenius cool in designing. These straps won’t make you play any better, but they’ll sure make you look good. (Technically, I do benefit from the sale of these straps, because we make them, but that’s not my motivation for suggesting them to you. I hardly make any money by making them, but I just honestly LOVE the designs. We make a few other things for other folks, but I’m not mentioning them because they’re not cool enough. Just being transparent.

For Women – Inexpensive
Diamond_RingMy wife said that this is the best gift a husband could give a wife and that all the married women she knows would prefer this over any jewelry or purse or shoes you could ever buy her. Buy one of the following books AND give her a coupon, “Good for one reading of this book together, one chapter at a time”. Suzette and I have read them and know that there would be a lot less divorce, a lot more happily married people and a lot more babies in the world if everyone knew what was in these three books. The Five Love Languages, His Needs Her Needs, or Love and Respect. You’ll thank me later, I swear.

Coupons – A homemade book or stack of “special” (back rubs, foot rubs, dishes, kids’ baths) coupons for her to use anytime


For Older Boys or Women – Expensive

Ferrum D. Gentile www.ferrumdg.com has the coolest knives andKnife other metal design I’ve ever seen and each individually handmade by Mr. Gentile himself in Switzerland. This guy has the coolest style and coolest hunting and pocket and kitchen knives on the planet. Some of them are made out of up to 200 layers of the high carbon steel. You’ll pretty much never have to sharpen it. He makes watches and swords too.For Older Boys – Expensive

Vanderburgh Humidors www.vanderburghhumidors.com. A place to put all his cigars. I absolutely LOVE my humidor. It’s solid wood rather than just lined with good wood and it is perfectly made.

Occasionally, Eddie calls me for a piece of leather to accent one of his humidors.




For Older Boys – Inexpensive

Coupons – A homemade book or stack of “special” coupons for him to use anytime

Space Pen by Fisher – Astronauts use these because they have pressurized ink cartridges and therefore don’t rely on gravity. It writes underwater, upside down and on pretty much any surface. Plus, it’s so small that you won’t even notice it in your pocket. I love mine even though I lose it regularly.


For Dog – GBlue-and-his-boneo to the butcher and get a bag of raw meaty bones. Femirs are the best!!!

For Cat – Bag of catnip

Lesson learned: My brother-in-law gave my sister roses on Valentines Day and my sister got mad at him because he only gave her flowers on the days that he was required to (Valentine’s Day and Birthdays) and never on just a random day. Don’t fall into that trap.

A HUGE tip you can use every year: Buy yourself something cool, wrap it and address it “To (Your Name) From Santa” and then put it under the tree. When it comes time for you to open it, say with a sheepish smile on your face, “Okay, who’s Santa” and then act surprised when you open it.
If you have some REALLY good Christmas gift ideas or birthday gift ideas, comment below and let us know.