Dave’s Public Speaking Suit

  Dave’s Public Speaking suit is built completely of tough Full Grain leather from top to bottom except for one “special” area. Here are a few of the features: -Weighs …

Spend Lots of Money

Spend Lots of Money

Financial Advice from a Tightwad

Being cheap is expensive when it comes to buying everyday use items. Folks throw 1000’s of dollars down the drain in the name of frugality (being a tightwad). I’m guilty of this myself, but am learning. The list of some of those items below may help clarify.

Member of the Most Exclusive Club on Earth

Glory! glory!, Saddleback Leather is part of the club!!! It’s a great honor to be part of the most unique and exclusive club in the world, but it’s not any fun. It’s the only of it’s kind that every company wishes they were in, but none want to be invited to.

knockoff levi's jeans

This club is free to join, but very expensive to be a part of. Some members pay millions of dollar per year in dues. Only the best and most popular are invited and they can’t say no.