Summer 2016 Photo Contest Winners

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Please join us in congratulating our Summer 2016 Photo Contest winners. Best Overall: Aviran Benjamin “prickled” our attention with this shot of his Classic Briefcase in Tobacco taken in Tel Aviv, Israel. He’s our Overall Winner and gets a $500 Gift Certificate. Best Pet: Bronson K Silva’s pal Miki almost steals the spotlight from the… Read more »

My Mom, The Warrior

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By Liz James (Customer Service)   It’s way past Mother’s Day, I know.  But then, I think brilliant mothers should be celebrated every day.  At least that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it! So, as you’ve probably gathered, my Mom is brilliant.  And I’m not just talking about her going for her Doctorate at… Read more »

3 Tips for Surviving Pokemon Go

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By Nick Bridwell For those of you who were visiting another planet in the late 90s, Pokemon are Japanese “pocket monsters”; amalgamations of different creatures both fantastical and historical. The original video games spawned a TV show, multiple movies, action figures, beach towels, toilet plungers and toothbrushes. This month, Nintendo (the geniuses behind Mario Brothers)… Read more »