How to Apply Aloe Vera

Summer is coming up and there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a sun burn at one point or another.  You’re going to want to remember this tip from Dave.  Recently Dave, Suzette and the family took a trip to a little island off the coast of Kenya.  It was a beautiful area but it is situated just two degrees off of the equator so the sun is blistering.  Dave got a bit roasted and shows you how to apply Aloe Vera from the actual plant.  Watch on our Facebook page here.

Dave Munson applying Aloe Vera


Dave with Saddleback Leather here.  We’re just on the border of Kenya and Somalia here.  We went deep see fishing today and I got roasted even though I put on sunblock 60.  So here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to show you how to put on aloe vera.  This is fantastic stuff.  And I really question the stuff you find in the store.  Because the plant really stinks but this stuff does a good job.

I caught some big old fish.  So my knees and top of my legs got roasted.  So cut off a chunk and then cut off the spines on both sides.  This stuff really stinks. (Suzette agrees).  I roasted my back the other day out snorkeling and she help me put it on there.

Once you’ve done that cut in it all the way around so both halves are about the same thickness.  In the rainy season you’d have a big fat juicy one.  It’s the dry season so it’s not as moist.  This isn’t like the stuff you get at the grocery store. (And it really does stink)

Next you score it diagonally both ways with your strokes about 1/4 inch apart.  Score all the way to the outer skin, but don’t cut through the outer skin.  This helps get all the juice out of the leaf.

So we’re hear taking a break from Saddleback Leather.  We own Saddleback Leather Co.  But we’re on vacation right now.  We were over in Rwanda visiting a ministry that Saddleback supports.  And we are now in Mike’s Camp in Kenya.

Next pick up your leaf and smear around the goopy side all over your burnt skin.  It feels like you got slimed by some ghost out of Ghost Busters.  But it works.  And it seems so much better than the stuff you buy.  Not sure if it’s marketing or what not but it’s worked on me for years.

Suzette put this stuff on my back a couple days ago when it got really roasted from snorkeling and my back didn’t hurt and still hasn’t.  Usually when I go to the beach I get burnt pretty good but this time it didn’t happen.

Then you can score it some more, just go in different directions than your original marks.  Suzette says you can usually get a couple applications out of it before it dries up.  It’s a good think to keep around the house and it keeps your burn from hurting at least it does for me.  Then you can rub it on your face or anywhere else.  And it will make you look good.

Anyways, that is how you apply aloe vera.  Check this stuff out, it just seems better than the store bought stuff. Thanks for watching, that is how you use aloe vera.