5 Saddleback & Mountainback Pieces for Summer Music Festival Season



by Nick Bridwell (Customer Service)

The Texas sun has warmed the heart and the pavement and that soft wind a-blowin’ is music to my ears. Or is that actually just a drifting melody from one of the hundreds of Summer 2016 Music Festivals? From Glastonbury to Lollapalooza and the Newport Folk Festival to Telluride, this summer will see a veritable migratory shift as the musically inclined make their way across the world to their festival(s) of choice. If you plan on rocking out this summer, I’d suggest some of the following gear:

1. Saddleback Hobo Purse



Gentleman, may I introduce the Hobo Purse. This is a totally rad bag for the lady that loves to rock out all summer. Trust me, buy your girlfriend/wife this for the summer festival and she’ll forget all about the fact that you just spent $200 to see YOUR favorite band. Relationships are about compromise, and when you point that out make sure to also point out that you didn’t compromise on the leather.  This bad boy can hold her keys, her makeup, wallet, and emergency ration of granola.

2. Mountainback Canvas Tote




These guys are hot off of the truck and sporting Scottish canvas that will make you weep tears of adoration. Totes are the perfect festival carry because they aren’t so heavy and they are easy to sling back and forth. Plus, the modern gentleman can carry this one and actually look like MORE of a man. Holds blanket, wallet, Camera, Canteen, couple of real cold beers from the concession stand.

3. Mountainback Indiana Gear Bag




The Indiana Gear Bag is the type of bag that you actually plan a trip around. You were really on the fence about whether to do Utopia Fest, but now you have to because this bag isn’t going to hang out with itself all summer. This one is good for sunscreen, camera, book, flashlight, wallet. Whip and fedora not included.

4. Saddleback Leather Travel Case




There’s a reason we named this one the Travel Case. Not only does it hold your normal festival fare (wallets, cameras, book, etc.), but it can actually make for a nice snack box if you have the ability to BYOG (Bring Your Own Grub).

5. Saddleback Leather Dry Bag




If you’re like me, half of your favorite festivals have included a fairly torrential downpour. The Dry Bag is awesome because it’s designed to keep your gear dry and cool. Also, you can adjust the height, meaning it’s your choice is this one is going to sport a blanket, lunch for you and five friends, or perhaps a pot-bellied pig that loves jamming Father John Misty.


Have fun and be safe this summer. And don’t forget to post pics of your Saddleback and Mountainback gear at your favorite festival.


Peace, Love, Rock & Roll,
Nick Bridwell