5 Saddleback Leather Gifts for Our Favorite Dearly Departed

by Nick Bridwell (Customer Service)

Saddleback Leather is not only inspiring, it’s inspired! Dave’s designs evoke the adventure and character of any number of worthy celebs and heroic historical figures. Have you ever wondered which SBL gear would go best with your favorite figures from the past? Here’s a handy guide:

1. Amelia Earhart, Saddleback Leather Medium Satchel in Tobacco













Up until the very day of her mysterious disappearance over the mighty South Pacific, our dear Amelia was a true hero of both aviation and female empowerment. She broke speed records, was the first woman to fly over the Atlantic, and was a reputable entrepreneur and author!

We’ve paired Lady Lindy with our Saddleback Leather Medium Satchel in Tobacco. Amelia was a field jacket and aviator hat kind of lady. She liked things fitting and functional. Within her satchel, she would have kept a copy of her memoir for an overnight edit, mayhaps a sandwich wrapped in wax paper, and her trusted canteen. There’s not a lot of extra room on those old planes, so the satchel is perfect for the person on the run!

Wear if you: are fond of adventure, would choose flight as your superpower, seek to set records

2. President Teddy Roosevelt, Saddleback Leather Side Pocket Duffel in Chestnut












Teddy Roosevelt was a man’s man in every single way and arguably the finest man to ever sit in the oval office. He gathered up the Rough Riders to fight a war in Cuba, personally fought crime in the most dangerous parts of New York as Governor, and of course became the President of the United States. Somehow he also found time to writing bunches of books and kickstart the campaign for conservation! Plus there’s that little incident where he was shot in the chest and finished delivering his speech before seeking medical attention.
We’ve paired Teddy with our Side Pocket Duffel in Chestnut. This bag is perfect for stuffing with pistols, animal pelts, and all sorts of clothes befitting a world traveler. Teddy would need those side pockets for quick retrieval of ammunition, neckerchiefs and mustache wax. The side-pocket bag is perfect for someone who needs a lot of room to compartmentalize!

Goes best with: The rowdy gentleman, the robust trendsetter, the natural leader

3. James Dean, Saddleback Leather Sunglass/Pen Case












To this day, men can still learn more about style by studying James Dean than by cyber-stalking Esquire, Monocle or the fashion blog flavor of the week. In character, James Dean showed a surprising depth and in life he was both rebel and sophisticate. It is a tragedy that his life was snuffed out early, and even then while driving a 1955 Porsche Spyder.
Sometimes, the beauty is in the details. James Dean wore a bunch of sick spectacles! We’ve paired Jimmy with SBL’s black leather Sunglass/Pen Case. The word we’re looking for here is cool. Cool is a word that gets tossed around a lot, but few nouns earn that adjective. James Dean was one. SBL’s Sunglass/Pen Case is another.

Best for: The hearthrob, the sunglass lover, the fast and the furious!

4. Cary Grant, Saddleback Suitcase in Dark Coffee Brown



The modern world needs more men like Cary Grant. He was a perennial class act and a leading man to the end. Stylistically, he was all about bespoke and classic style accentuated by the sort of statement pieces that drive sunglasses sales up the wall! Just take those shades from North by Northwest! Cary Grant kept it classy, and there’s plenty of room for that at Saddleback!
We’ve paired Cary Grant with the Saddleback Leather Suitcase in Dark Coffee Brown. This suitcase’s design is all about capturing the vintage appeal of luggage. Luggage like this isn’t just for storing clothes. Luggage like this is for storing memories. That little statuette you’ve picked up in Rome will fit right in. That silver trinket from the Sierra Madres? Yep. Just remember that you can’t beat a classic!

Goes well with: The leading man, the Old Hollywood gentleman, the class act




5. Ernest Hemingway, Saddleback Leather Large Front Pocket Briefcase in Tobacco













Hemingway was an anomaly, a man whose own character was far more famous than even those of his literary creations. Papa was a drinker, a fighter, a journalist, a fisherman, a soldier, a hunter, a friend, a lover, a huge success, and a tortured artist. Perhaps the greatest irony is that a man whose literary talent was most often attributed to economy of words would have gained personal notoriety for having such an overabundance of life.
We’ve paired Hemingway with the Front Pocket Briefcase, because when you’re a renaissance man, you need to be able to get to stuff quickly! In one front pocket he’d have a copy of his buddy F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, in another a guide to catching blue marlins in the Florida Keys. In the middle, a fat Cuban cigar. And behind those pockets, African safari maps, and buck knives and anglers and rum, man! And inside? Fine paper for taking notes, a manuscript on bullfighting, a flask of whiskey, and a snapshot of one of his wives.

Goes best with: The overloaded artist, the urban safari guide, the wandering wordsmith

Let these pairings inspire you to be more courageous, more honorable, more creative and more alive! Oh, and don’t forget to take a bit of sweet Saddleback Leather on your journey!