5 Bags for the Ultimate Pokemon Go Master



by Liz James (Customer Service)

Like many other people, I’ve gotten caught up in Pokemon Go fever.  In case you didn’t know, Pokemon Go is the latest app to catch on in the world, and allows you to fulfill your childhood dream of collecting Pokemon in the real world!  You don’t have to have any childhood memories of Pokemon to have fun with this app, though…  I know several people who are just now discovering the joy of finding Pokemon and the agony of missing a Pokemon catch.


Part of the game involves going outside and catching Pokemon, as well as taking some long walks to hatch Pokemon eggs.  In recent days, portable chargers have become quite the hot commodity, as the app does tend to be a battery hog.  And you mustn’t forget some water for the longer walks!  To do some of that, though, you might need a bag to carry that portable charger and/or your water bottle.


Luckily, I’ve got a few suggestions as to what bags an aspiring Pokemon Master might want!


1: For the minimalist Master – The Book Bag


You’ve got all your Pokeballs and Potions in your app, so no need to carry around a big bag!  You really just need a good bag to carry your small ID wallet, keys, and that portable battery charger.  You may be walking around indoors, taking advantage of the AC and the nearby Pokestops and Gyms at your nearby mall, so water isn’t necessarily your priority  You can get that from the water fountains.  But that portable battery charger that you have is, because catching Pokemon on an empty battery is impossible.


2: For the iPad Master – The Tablet Bag


A puny phone screen isn’t enough for you… You have to catch your Pokemon on the big screen.  Only your tablet will do to catch ‘em all. That front pocket is good enough for a portable battery charger and your keys, and you can clip on a water bottle if you really need one.  But most likely, you’ll be out of the heat, since holding your tablet for that long is a hassle and you’d rather be indoors or in the passenger seat of your friend’s car to catch your Pokemon.


3: For the lady Master – The Rawhide Crossbody Bag


Sure, you’re going to go out catching Pokemon, but you also want to look good.  So take it from an experienced Pokemon trainer… this Rawhide Crossbody will suit your needs.  There’s enough room in there for your portable battery and a Long Trifold Wallet, plus your keys and sunglasses.  A water bottle can be clipped onto the side, or if you want to go with a smaller wallet, a regular plastic bottle can fit inside.  And you can wear this crossbody easily for those longer treks!


4: For the everyday Master – The Leather Satchel


You’ve figured out by now that there are certain spots in your city where you can sit and spin a few Poke-stops at once.  And since you may want to surf the internet every five minutes on your smaller laptop, you want a bag that can hold that, your portable battery charger, and two regular water bottles. So the Large Satchel is your best bet.  Plus, if you have a larger reusable water bottle, it can be clipped on to one of those D-rings easily.  And if you need to walk a few kilometers to hatch that egg, the Satchel can go into Backpack form easily.


5:  For the long-haul Master – The Front Pocket Backpack


Sure, you could go for the Simple Backpack, and that would do just as well.  But if you find yourself needing space for two bigger water bottles, that Front Pocket will come in handy to hold your portable charger.  Inside the main compartment, you can easily stuff snacks, first aid kits, compasses, anything an aspiring Pokemon master would want when they’re going to be out and about for long periods of time.  I mean, you never know when you’ll see a rare Pokemon nearby.  Just don’t forget the sunscreen and your stuffed Pikachu as you race out the door to catch ‘em all!