Member of the Most Exclusive Club on Earth

Glory! glory!, Saddleback Leather is part of the club!!! It’s a great honor to be part of the most unique and exclusive club in the world, but it’s not any fun. It’s the only of it’s kind that every company wishes they were in, but none want to be invited to.

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This club is free to join, but very expensive to be a part of. Some members pay millions of dollar per year in dues. Only the best and most popular are invited and they can’t say no.

Simple Pleasures of a Man

Simple Pleasures of a Man

What this man likes

Life is full of simple pleasures and so many people take them for granted. Below is a list of some of the things that bring me pleasure in life.

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Now don’t forget, I’m a man and so my list is, most likely, very different from what would be found on a woman’s. Am I the only man who enjoys these things? Do women enjoy them more? Feel free to add your own onto the end. Keep it PG-13 or under.

My Favorite Unpleasures

Things That Bring Discomfort to Us All

Just as there are certain Universal Simple Pleasures in life that we all enjoy as in my Bad absessed tooth in Belizelast article, there are also Simple Universal Misfortunes or Unpleasures that we all unenjoy as in my list below. Feel free to add to the list of your favorite unfavorite things. The death of a pet, your home burning down or a broken spine are not the kinds of things I’m talking about.

Tips On Making Roadtrips More Enjoyable

Tips For Making Road Trips More Enjoyable

Packing leather luggage and other tips

Well, I’m not the authority on how to enjoyably roadtrip even though I DID LIVE IN MY CAR FOR QUITE AWHILE AND HAVE DRIVEN HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MILES around almost the entire continent of North America . . . and I did it all for pleasure. Below are a few of my tips for making a road trip more enjoyable. I just learned the first one on this current trip.

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I’ve rolled my car, crashed other peoples’, killed lots of things, slept in my car, truck bed, on the rack, alone, with my dog, under the stars, freezing in ice storms and hot and sticky with mosquitos. And I’ve slept with one eye open more than once. I’ve learned a couple of things along the way that may or may not be of value to you and maybe not. One thing I’m sure of though is that you probably have a couple of tips of your own. Feel free to help us out with one of your tips at the end.

Dave’s Christmas Gift Ideas That They’ll Use and Remember

Dave’s Gift Ideas That They’ll Use and Remember

Only My Very Favorite Things

Below is a Christmas list of the very best and coolest gifts that I’ve either given, received or wanted really bad. Notice I don’t suggest anything that I make. These are just things that’ll make you famous. An example, one particularly broke Christmas, I bought my nephews a 30 ft. length of thick rope for $12. They and all the neighborhood kids left their Christmas presents at home to play with that rope all Christmas day and into the night. To be the favorite around the Christmas tree this year.
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