Burrrrrrito or Berido?

When English speakers order a burrito at a local restaurant, should they pronounce Burrito as “Burrrrrrito” and roll their R like Speedy Gonzales or should they pronounce it “Berido” like all other non-Spanish speakers of the world? Perhaps it’s prudent for people to pass on pronouncing properly. Possibly? There are a number of reasons why I don’t use foreign accents for single words unless I’m in that country, and I can roll my R’s.

Cd. Juarez burrito wars, Dave and Kai

Psychologically Unemployable

So, you know how I spell BOSS backwards? Double S… O-B. I don’t like ’em. Never have, never will. Bunch of money hungry power starved Big fat ashpalt hole in Costa Ricaasphalt holes. Actually, I always like them at first, but it doesn’t take long for them to fall out of my good graces. They’re cool until the nagging and complaining and demanding starts, and then it’s all over. Well, there was this one guy who was cool for about 3 weeks, but he was the exception, not the rule.

The Sweetness in Africa

In my travels, I’ve had some great times indeed. I’ve slept in Bedouin tents in the Sahara, in hammocks in Central America, but there’s just no place like Africa for an adventure. Leopards eating zebra legs, crocodiles eating Wildebeests, Masai warriors escorting us to dinner with their spears to fight off any would-be Munson-eater along the trail. It’s simply amazing and that’s why we’re taking people back with us this summer. We’re taking 30 of our employees, friends and family on the adventure of a lifetime deep into the heart of Africa and maybe we’ll ask you to come along with us on a later trip.

Dave riding a camel